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Over 59,000 TCDSB students receive a healthy  breakfast or morning meal through the Student Nutrition Program.

Each program is unique and a reflection of its community. Student Nutrition Programs (SNPs) are operated in schools by volunteers. Each program is universally offered to all students, serving 3 food groups, 5 days a week.

Some proven benefits of these programs are that they:

  • provide nutrients and energy so that students are ready to learn and participate in school;
  • create healthier eating habits; and
  • support improved academic performance.

There are a variety of reasons why children come to school hungry, including:

  • bussed-in students often eat very early and are hungry again once the school day begins;
  • working parents maintain busy schedules and are unable to ensure that breakfast is eaten daily; or
  • unfortunately, there is not enough food in the home.

Municipal and provincial government grants subsidize approximately 25% of the costs associated with running SNPs. Each school provides the balance through fundraising, parent donations and corporate donations.


Your donation can help bridge the gap to achieve a sustainable program. Donors may direct funds to a particular school.

You can direct your donation to the Student Nutrition Program Wing of Support through our Canada Helps page.

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Kimberly Bubnic
Student Nutrition Manager - Financial
Tina Giustizia
Senior Student Nutrition Manager of Operations
Carmelina Mazzilli
Student Nutrition Manager of Operations
Prudence Pisani
Student Nutrition Assistant