Imagine, a parent struggling to make ends meet for her family. Each morning, she must choose which one of her four boys gets to take lunch to school that day…

Imagine a child straining to see the chalkboard in class because mom and dad cannot afford to buy eye glasses…

Imagine a girl so tired in school after a cold sleepless night, without proper bedding to keep her warm…

These are real stories, not from the other side of the world, but from our very own communities, right here in Toronto. Almost 40% of our students live below the poverty line today. Family poverty impacts our students’ ability to learn in so many ways.


The Angel Foundation for Learning is the charitable organization that serves the needs of students in the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB). Through the generosity and compassion of donors, we support students by nurturing their body, mind and soul through nutritional, educational, and spiritual programs.


As an official charity of the TCDSB, our mandate is to support our children’s education, with an emphasis on social justice. It is a sad fact that many of Toronto’s students live below the poverty line. Through essential nutritional, educational, social and emergency support programs, we work to give every student an equal opportunity to succeed.


We have addressed these social justice issues each school day for 30 years. The Angel Foundation for Learning will continue to educate, inspire, support and nurture students within the TCDSB through our Four Wings of Support: Student Nutrition Programs, School Allocation Funds, Guardian Angel Funds, and Bursaries and Awards.

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