Learning also happens outside the classroom!

Many of our students attend a variety of school trips for educational purposes (and fun!). Families are responsible for these additional costs, but often this poses a burden for some students in our communities.

Each school can request funds to help reduce the costs associated with school trips, leadership activities, transportation etc. for their students. Friendships, inspiration and learning opportunities are all central to school trips and activities, and we believe that all students should share these invaluable experiences.

Our Board of Directors reviews requests for funding on a monthly basis. Schools are invited to submit a request for funds using the School Allocation Application for Funding Form. Forms can be requested by emailing

Your application should include details of the excursion and the number of students that will be assisted. Schools are allowed a maximum of $500 per school year. The application should indicate how the project is consistent with our mission to assist vulnerable students. Schools are required to submit an allocation follow-up form after the event.


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