Imagine, a parent struggling to make ends meet for her family. Each morning, she must choose which one of her four boys gets to take lunch to school that day…

Each day, approximately 51,000 TCDSB students rely on Student Nutrition Programs to receive a healthy morning meal, breakfast, lunch or snack. Students who have a healthy and nutritious morning meal are ready to learn and have improved attention spans.

There are a variety of different reasons that some children come to school hungry, including:

  • Bussed-in students often eat very early and are hungry again once the school day begins
  • Working parents maintain busy schedules and are unable to ensure that breakfast is eaten daily
  • Or, unfortunately there is not enough food in the home

Municipal and provincial government grants subsidize approximately 23% of the costs associated with running Student Nutrition Programs. Each school is asked to provide the balance through fundraising and community donations. Many schools are  not able to raise the additional funds and apply to The Angel Foundation for Learning for assistance.

Your donation makes all the difference for schools and students in need. Tax receipts are issued for any donation over $20. Donors may direct funds to a particular school.


Student Nutrition Program Contacts
For more information, contact:


Marisa Celenza
Executive Director
416.222.8282 ext. 2195
Tina Giustizia
Student Nutrition Manager- Operations
416.222.8282 ext. 2194
Carmelina Mazzilli
Student Nutrition Manager – Operations
416.222.8282 ext. 2019
Kimberly Bubnic
Student Nutrition Manager- Financial
416.222.8282 ext. 2192

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