Social Work Emergency Fund

Guidelines for Requesting Funds

The Angel Foundation for Learning is the charitable organization that serves the needs of students in the Toronto Catholic District School Board. Through the generosity and compassion of donors, we support vulnerable students by nurturing their body, mind and soul through nutritional, educational, and spiritual programs. The Social Work Emergency Fund assists this mission. This fund is for students demonstrating financial need.

  1. Submit your request on The Angel Foundation for Learning Social Work Emergency Fund application form after discussion with and approval from the Social Worker Vettor for your area.
  2.  Receipts or an invoice must accompany the application form.
  3. The request cannot exceed $150 per student; exceptional circumstances may be considered up to $300 upon authorization by the AFL Executive Director.
  4. This emergency fund does not provide money for items that are the responsibility of the school or the school board such as textbooks, school uniforms, school supplies or equipment. Some approved examples of emergency funding: food, clothing, rent, personal hygiene items…
  5. Indicate to whom the cheque should be addressed: School Social Worker; Institution; School… and to where the cheque should be sent. Payment will not be made directly to the student or family.
  6. Once the application has been approved please submit to, The Angel Foundation for Learning, CEC, Attention: Jennifer Tocci, Office Manager.

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