Reliable Life Fund

The Reliable Life Fund is an emergency source that provides money for a student’s medical necessities that may be the result of a schoolyard accident or other medical requirements, where the family is not able to provide the necessary funds to meet the student’s needs. The School Principal, Vice-principal or Social Worker may initiate the application.

  1. Submit your request on The Angel Foundation for Learning’s Reliable Life Fund application form after discussion with and approval from the Social Worker Vettor for your area.
  2. Receipts or an invoice must accompany the application form.
  3. The request cannot exceed $500.00, however exceptional circumstances will be considered for greater amounts upon discussion with the Social Worker Vettor for your area and/or The Angel Foundation for Learning Executive Director. Amounts greater than $500.00 must be approved by The Angel Foundation for Learning Board of Directors’ Executive, before the amount is authorized by the Executive Director.
  4. Funds may be requested for medical apparatus, surgery, medication, dental work, specialized eye glasses … where no other sources of funding are available for the student.
  5. Indicate to whom the cheque should be addressed: School Social Worker; Institution; School… and to where the cheque should be sent. Payment will not be made directly to the student or family.
  6. Once the application has been approved please submit to, The Angel Foundation for Learning, CEC, Attention: Jennifer Tocci, Office Manager.

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