The Angel Foundation for Learning Camp Fund

The Angel Foundation for Learning Camp Fund is named in honour of Maureen O’Neil, a former Chief Social Worker with the TCDSB. Originally, this fund was created to provide students facing financial challenges the opportunity to participate in summer camp activities. Over the years, several other funders, including the Jane Creba In Memoriam Fund and the Youth & Education Fund have contributed to this Camp Fund. The criteria has been extended to include after school sports activities for students that would otherwise not be able to afford the costs of these programs.

  1. Submit your request on The Angel Foundation for Learning’s Camp Fund application form after discussion with and approval from the Social Worker Vettor for your area. Requests for funding will be looked at individually on a first come, first served basis.
  2. Receipts or an invoice must accompany the application form whenever possible.
  3. The request cannot exceed $150 per student; exceptional circumstances may be considered up to $300 upon authorization by the AFL Executive Director.
  4. This fund may be used to offset costs of summer camp, day camp, or a sports activity for students demonstrating financial need.
  5. The camp must belong to or be affiliated with the Ontario Camping Association or be associated with an equally credible agency or organization.
  6.  Indicate to whom the cheque should be addressed: School Social Worker; Institution; School… and to where the cheque should be sent. Payment will not be made directly to the student or family.
  7. Once the application has been approved please submit to, The Angel Foundation for Learning, CEC, Attention: Jennifer Tocci, Office Manager.

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