Mary Jane McKeen Skilled Trades Bursary

Mary Jane McKeen taught for over 34 years, the last 17 with the TCDSB. She passionately believes that for children who have skills working with their hands, this bursary will help them fulfill their dreams and realize the value and dignity of work in the skilled trades. Through this bursary Mary Jane honours her parents, George and Wanda Wymer, who each enjoyed a long and fulfilled life because of their hard work, determination and talents. George – an accomplished carpenter and gardener, and Wanda – a fabulous cook and baker – were excellent role models for their children and grandchildren. Their grandchildren, David and Christopher McKeen, continue to demonstrate these same talents and admirable qualities.

This bursary of $500 is awarded each year to a high school student attending a TCDSB school, who has skills and talents working with his or her hands. It helps defray costs associated with pursuing an apprenticeship program or continuing post secondary education in the skilled trades.

Selection of the recipient is made by a committee composed of representatives from The Angel Foundation for Learning and members of the McKeen family. The selection is based on the following criteria:
• Financial need
• Overall contribution to the school and community
• Evidence of acceptance into an apprenticeship program or post-secondary study in the skilled trades

For each application the following is required:
• A completed application form
• A letter of application from the student
• A letter of recommendation from the school principal or designate which outlines contributions to the school and community and which states the nature of the financial need
• Evidence of acceptance into an apprenticeship program or continued studies in the trades

The Selection Committee will review all applications and make a decision regarding the recipient of the bursary by the end of the second week in June.

Enquiries regarding the bursary may be made to Marisa Celenza at 416.222.8282 ext. 2195 /

Download an application

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