Loblaw “Kids See Free” Eyeglasses Fund

The Optical Department of Loblaw companies Limited is pleased to provide The Angel Foundation for Learning vouchers for their “Kids See Free” program.

When it comes to learning, vision is an important sense, and it is Loblaw’s goal to ensure that school aged children in Canada requiring corrective lenses have a current pair of eyeglasses. This program will provide children with the best opportunity for success at school.

The “Kids See Free” program provides one pair of free eyeglasses to any child, aged 19 or under, who is determined by the school social worker and/or the school principal to be in need.

Please note that the program is limited to children under the age of 19 with a valid eyeglass prescription issued within the past 365 days.


  1. The School Social Worker or Principal submits a request for a voucher on the Loblaw “Kids See Free” Eyeglasses Fund application form available from the Angel Foundation for Learning.
  2. Forward to the application form to Marisa Celenza, Executive Director, The Angel Foundation for Learning, CEC.
  3. The voucher will be completed with the Student’s name and the school name and sent to the Social Worker or the Principal submitting the request.
  4. The Social Worker or the Principal will provide the voucher to the Parent or Guardian of the student.
  5. The Parent or Guardian will bring the voucher to the nearest Loblaw Optical location to be redeemed for a free pair of eyeglasses.

Note: Loblaw has provided The Angel Foundation for Learning numbered vouchers that are solely for the use of students in the Toronto Catholic District School Board.

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