Exceptional Student Bursary

Bursary Description

This bursary will be presented to a graduating student who is identified as exceptional and there is evidence of financial need and/or personal challenges. This bursary, in recognition of academic achievement and contribution to the school community, provides financial support in the amount of $1,000 towards post- secondary education at the university or college level. It can also be applied to a community-based program to support an exceptional student following graduation from a TCDSB secondary school.


A.S. Meneguzzi, a former Associate Director of Finance with the TCDSB established a fund to support students with special needs following his retirement. This fund was transferred to The Angel Foundation for Learning and is used to support this bursary for students with exceptionalities. This bursary also recognizes former senior staff members of the Toronto Catholic District School Board, who have made financial contributions to The Angel Foundation for Learning’s Bursary program. Norman Forma, a former Director of Education, was widely respected for his collaborative, compassionate and student-centered leadership, Norm Forma is remembered for his interest in promoting increased opportunities for students who are deaf and/or hard of hearing. Frank Meagher, a former Superintendent of Special Programs provided provincial leadership on behalf of exceptional children. Sandra Montgomery, a former Superintendent of Special Services showed unwavering commitment and compassion for students with special needs.


Selection of the successful candidate will be based on the following criteria:

  • an identified exceptionality as per the IPRC;
  • student’s overall achievement in light of their exceptionality;
  • evidence of contribution to the school and the community;
  • description of financial need and/or personal challenges; and
  • acceptance into a post-secondary institution or program.

 Application Process 

Application must be completed with all of the following criteria for consideration of this bursary:

  • the completed and signed application form;
  • a personal cover letter, which outlines contributions to the school and community; states the nature of the financial need; includes as much detail as appropriate;
  • two letters of support: one from the student’s resource teacher and one from the principal/designate detailing the student’s academic achievement in light of their exceptionality and a description of how this individual contributed to the school and community; and
  • evidence of acceptance into a post-secondary program.


Selection Process
The successful candidate will be approved by the Board of Directors of The Angel Foundation for Learning, upon the recommendation of the review committee. This committee will include retired members of the TCDSB community. The successful candidate will be notified in early June. Please note the cheque for the successful applicant will be written to the university, college or program, which the student will be attending.

 Contact Person

For further information contact

Application Due Date: Friday, May 11, 2018

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